Sunday, 16 September 2012

Our new sofa!!!

Today we bought a sofa set (3 seater + 2 single chairs) for $110, delivery charge was $15. The shop next door had the same sofa set but tried to sell it to us for $160. We got the khmer price today :)

Kennys birthday

On Monday was Kennys 28th Birthday!! I surprised him with a 'brand new' bicycle that has some dints on it, but it was only $53 including the basket bell and lock!! Behind O russei market is bicycle street, but I had my tuk tuk driver Sorya help me bargain - still think I paid to much!!

Friday, 7 September 2012

 Street Food
 The Markets
 Fake iphones
 Swensens icecream

 Cheap beer

The 5 best things in Cambodia!!!!

Our new apartment!!

After searching for a day for a rental flat, and 2 real estates not returning our calls we took advice from the local tuk tuk drivers "walk around and look up for sign that says for rent on balcony."  This is the easiest way to find a flat for rent!! We looked at 7 different apartments which were all so different and number 7 was the perfect one! Down stairs is own landlord "Hahn Lee's" shop where he lives with his grandma and we are on the 2nd floor, with westerners above and below. For $280 a month we got a bargain! Yes the entrance to the building is in a dark back alley way and not the most appealing, but Hahn Lee will protect us!!